Counter Top Refinishing



So, maybe your countertop is already looking old, boring, depressing and you’ve just grown tired of seeing it in your kitchen; you need something new and shiny but you can’t afford to buy a new countertop and/or you can’t afford go through the weeks of mess that comes with the installation of a new countertop.

The solution is Refinishing over the option of replacement. Within a space of 2 to 3 days rather than weeks, our handymen will have your countertop redesigned to look as well as feel like new while you get to save up to 50 to 70% over the cost of having a new countertop installed in your kitchen.

We use the best materials made from modern technology like Quartz, granite, glass and so on; depending on your preference and taste. In the same vein, we take the work through the right procedure in renewing the look of your kitchen countertop; taking shortcuts is not an option with us.

So, regardless of the look of your countertop, be it cracked, worn and discolored due to age or whatever condition, we’ll have it transformed till you can’t recognize it as a product of the old fixture.

counter top refinish




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