Garage Door Installation



San Antonio Handyman Pro is a trusted name in Garage door installation; we have highly trained and certified handymen with years of experience in garage door installation and repairs. Our expertise is unquestionable.

At your convenience

  • All our services are rendered at your convenience; we won’t be getting in your way.
  • Our arrival and service time is prompt, precise and reliable.
  • We have different appointment dates available; you pick a day and we show up to start and finish on same day.

Service you can trust

  • We provide you with a written agreement on the details of our service and we won’t fall short of that agreement.
  • We only use top quality materials for you that will stand the test of time.
  • You have our guarantee that your door will be fixed right and won’t be needing repairs any time soon.

Diverse designs

  • Our technicians are knowledgeable in the various trends in garage door designs.
  • We offer you a wide range of designs that will add both beauty and solidity to your home.
  • We’ll make recommendations for you and help you select from a wide option the best style to suit your need.

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