kitchen Remodel


A modern day kitchen is the heart of every home. With several activities beyond cooking carried out in the room; your kitchen plays an important role in your everyday life and because of that, you’ll want to keep your kitchen lively at all times.

With the new innovative designs trending in the world of contemporary kitchen designing, we have skilled handyman who are readily available to remodel your kitchen and give it that dream look that will leave you smiling always. Our kitchen Remodeling services include:


A major distinguishing factor of a modern day kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. Any carpenter can install cabinets but it takes a professional remodeller to fuse in the stand out elements. At San Antonio Handymanpro, we have professionals who will not only do the carpentry works but also put in the finishing touches.


When remodelling your kitchen, it’s very important to consider the colour and materials to match what to give your kitchen the classy look you crave. This requires a professional eye with knowledge of the trends in kitchen floor designing. We provide such expertise to give timeless beauty to your kitchen floor.

Plumbing Fixtures

We provide plumbing services of utmost functionality, beauty and efficiency. And we only use plumbing fixtures of the highest quality and our installation services are solid; you won’t need repairing any time soon.


The kind of lighting you use in your kitchen can either diminish or heighten the beauty of the room. Our kitchen remodelling services involves selection and installation of lighting fittings that will bring out the elegance of your kitchen while at the same time giving it a roomy and homey feel.


To add the finishing touches to your kitchen, our handymen are experienced in the installation of different types of kitchen backsplash designs.


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