Tile & Grout Cleaning




The longevity of your tile is dependent on how well the grout is kept clean and maintained. It could be your kitchen tile, bathroom tile or tiles for any other area of the home; floor and wall, they require the same level of attention for the maintenance so as to ensure that the surface maintains their new-like look even after using it for a very long period of time; extending the lifeline of the surfaces even longer.

Furthermore, due to constant usage, several bacteria and germs tend to collect under the grout; these are unnoticeable to the ordinary eye but they are there alright…..

By having your tiles and grout cleaned, you’ll be eliminating these parasites, which cause damage to your tiles and grout. Through the cleaning of your tile and grout, you’ll be able to avoid the discolouration of the fittings and ensure they do not deteriorate even over a long period of usage.

At San Antonio Handyman Pro, we have a group of professional handymen skilled in the art of tiles and grout cleaning. We avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners; we use only the safest materials for our cleaning of your fittings to ensure they are health-friendly and safe for the environment.

With our cleaning service, we’ll leave your tile and grout looking new…

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